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2 mrtNikki Claassen - van DesselGetting a grip on the unexplained. Classification, course, predictors and treatment of medically unexplained physical symptoms (MUPS). Available from link.commissie
30 janMark LouterThe migraine triad: chronification, depression, and medication overuse. Available from link.commissie
23 janEduard KlapwijkNeural mechanisms of social-emotional dysfunction in autism spectrum disorder and conduct disorder. Available from link.commissie

5 oktMirjam van OrdenCollaborative mental health care. Changing the landscape of mental health care? Available from link.commissie
28 sepCornelie AndelaUnderstanding clinical outcome in patients with pituitary disease. A biopsychosocial approach. Available from link.commissie
19 aprMascha NuijtenCATCH New Pharmacological treatment options for crack-cociane dependence. Results from three randomized controlled trials. Available from link.commissie

7 decJiska AardoomJust a click away: E-mental health for eating disorders. Available from link.commissie
6 decMarleen SpaansPersonality pathology in a forensic setting. Prevalence, assessment, and prognostic value for treatment. Available from link.oppositie
3 novMarleen van BeekCardiac Anxiety. When the heart is thought to be in danger. Available from link.oppositie
1 novGerard TheChronic Fatigue Syndrome: Targeting Serotonin and Insulin-like Growth Factor. Available from link.commissie
12 oktPauline VáhlChildhood Maltreatment and Social-emotional Functioning in Delinquent Adolescents. Available from link.commissie
15 sepEsther van FenemaTreatment quality in times of ROM. Available from link.oppositie
8 sepMadelon den BoeftMedically unexplained physical symptoms in primary care: Identification, management and societal aspects. Available from link.commissie
23 junDenise MeuldijkDoing more with less: concise and standard treatment for depressive and anxiety disorders compared in clinical practice. Available from link.promotor
7 aprManja KoendersTangled up in mood: predicting the disease course of bipolar disorder. Available from link.oppositie
1 mrtJannelien WielandPsychopathology in borderline intellectual functioning: explorations in secondary mental health care. Available from link.commissie
26 janEvert SemeijnADHD in older adults Diagnosis, physical health and mental functioning. Available from link.commissie
21 janMarloes HubersSuicidality in Huntington's disease. Available from link.commissie

29 oktJacqueline HovensEmotional scars: impact of childhood trauma on depressive and anxiety disorders. Available from link.promotor
30 sepAnne WeilandTraining Medical Specialists in Communication with Patients with Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms. Available from link.commissie
1 julOliver LewisLegal capacity in international human rights law. Available from link.commissie
2 junBianca van de BulkThe affective amygdala: towards a better understanding of adolescent depressive and anxiety disorders. Available from link.commissie
1 junHanna van LooData-Driven subtypes of major depressive disorder. Available from link.commissie
25 mrtDerek de BeursImproving care for suicidal patients by implementing guideline recommendations: On the effects of an e-learning supported Train-the-Trainer program, and the assessment of suicide ideation. Available from link.commissie

10 sepAnna de HaanEthnic minority youth in youth mental health care: utilization and dropout. Available from link.commissie
22 meiMumtaz JamalSmoking and the course of anxiety and depression. Available from link.commissie
27 janMarloes GerritsThe interplay between depression, anxiety and physical health. Available from link.commissie
21 janYvonne Schulte-van MaarenNormQuest: reference values for ROM instruments and questionnaires. Available from link.promotor

28 novNiels SpeksnijderDeterminants of Psychosis-Vulnerability - Focus on MEF2- and Glucocorticoid-Signaling. Available from link.commissie
30 oktMaartje SchoorlInvestigating new process-focused treatments for posttraumatic stress disorder : attentional bias modification and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. Available from link.oppositie
12 junRosalind van der LemAre depression trials generalizable to clinical practice? Something clinicians always wanted to know about RCTs, but were afraid to ask..... Available from link.oppositie
8 aprK. HuijbregtsCollaborative care for depression in primary care, and the influence of concomitant physical symptoms. A thesis from the Netherlands Depression Initiative. Available from link.commissie
17 janH.E. KortrijkUse of Routine Outcome Monitoring data for evaluating Assertive Community Treatment. Available from link.commissie

25 janLouk van der PostIBS admission as an outcome; Factors predicting the probability of patients qualifying for compulsory emergency admission. Available from link.commissie


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